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Lessons from Sūrah 39 – Sūrat Az-Zumar

May 1, 2017


  1. No soul will carry the burden of another on the Day of Qiyāmah.

  2. Generally, when a human is afflicted with difficulty, he/she turns to Allāh, but when they then enjoy a blessing, they forget their turning to Allāh.

  3. Ignorant and knowledgeable people can never be equal.

  4. Allāh promises those who adopt taqwā and do good, goodness in this world as well as the Hereafter

  5. None except Allāh can save those who have been doomed to the Fire










  6. When those who fear Allāh hear the Qur’ān, they tremble, and their hearts soften and incline towards Allāh’s remembrance.

  7. There is no greater oppressor than the one who attributes falsehood to Allāh, and denies the truth when it comes to him.

  8. Is Allāh not sufficient for His slave?

  9. If the oppressors had the option to give the equivalent of twice the world and everything that it contains in return for safety from the severe punishment of the Hereafter, they would give it. However, they shall face such punishment that they had not anticipated in the slightest.

  10.  Allāh forgives all sins; let not those who have sinned excessively lose hope in Allāh’s Mercy.

  11. Turn to Allāh and submit to Him before it’s too late, and His punishment befalls you. You will then be totally helpless.

  12. Those who lied against Allāh will find their faces blackened on the Day of Qiyāmah.

  13. On the Day of Judgement, each soul shall be recompensed for its deeds in full.

  14. When the people of Jahannam shall be taken to Jahannam, the doors will be flung open for them to enhance their horrific experience.

  15. When the people of Jannah will be led to Jannah, its doors will already be open to receive them with honour.

















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