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Major Deobandi Personalities Poster

Alḥamdulillah, we are pleased to announce the availability of our latest publication, the Major Deobandi Personalities timeline poster.

Just like our other publication, this is an A2 sized colour poster that plots the years in which major Deobandi personalities passed away. To add extra dimensions, the names of a few personalities have also been added in, those who though are not technically ‘Deobandi’, but are honorary members of the movement or are relatively significant contemporaries.

It's an ideal piece for anyone affiliated to the Deobandi movement, to put up in a classroom, office, study, or even a Masjid noticeboard or library.

You can now order the poster using the following link:

Feel free to use our contact form to enquire about bulk order prices, or to give any constructive feedback, both positive and negative.

I pray this work is of great benefit to you and to whoever uses it.

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