• Anees Bhayat

Lessons from Sūrah 106 – Sūrat Quraysh

  1. Allāh blessed the Quraysh with security when they sent caravans on business trips, all year round. No one would attack them because of their ties with the House of Allāh.

  2. Allāh sends us blessings and bounties, and expects of us to worship and obey Him alone in return.

  3. Allāh blessed the Quraysh also in that much would be brought to them in terms of sustenance, whilst those in surrounding places would suffer. We witness this first-hand when visiting Makkah: we find all kinds of food, drink and other items, at even the busiest of periods.

  4. Never take the blessings of Allāh for granted. Always show gratitude by remaining obedient to Him.

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