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Lessons from Sūrah 89 - Sūrat Al-Fajr

  1. The first ten nights of Dhul Ḥijjah hold great virtue.

  2. The people of ‘Ād were created by Allāh unparalleled and unmatched in strength.

  3. Indeed Allāh is ever watchful.

  4. Man is ungrateful: when blessed, he says, ‘My Rabb has honoured me’ and when put in difficulty, he says, ‘My Rabb has disgraced me.’ In reality, Allāh is testing him.

  5. Distribute the estate of the deceased fairly. Do not devour it.

  6. Do not let yourself love wealth excessively.

  7. Only on the Day of Judgement, when Jahannam will be brought in front of the people, reality will hit home, but it will be too late.

  8. On that day, every person will have to bear his/her own punishment and carry his/her own burdens.

  9. It will be said to the contented soul on that day, ‘Return to your Rabb pleased, and with the Pleasure of your Rabb; enter into Paradise of your Rabb among His faithful worshippers.’

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