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Lessons from Sūrah 83 – Sūrat Al-Muṭṭaffifīn

  1. Destruction is written for those who deceive people in giving them less while measuring, yet ensure they take fully for themselves.

  2. Each time a person sins, a black dot appears on his/her heart, until the heart is covered in blackness - like rust - and it can no longer accept guidance. This is of course if one does not repent. Repentance polishes the heart and removes the black dots.

  3. The contentment and bliss the people of Jannah will experience shall be apparent on their faces.

  4. The drinks of the people of Jannah will be sealed with musk.

  5. It is in trying to acquire the blessings of Jannah that the competitors need to compete in.

  6. On the Day of Judgement, those who laughed, scorned and mocked at the believers due to their beliefs, will be laughed at by the believers.

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