• Anees Bhayat

Lessons from Sūrah 81 – Sūrat At-Takwīr

  1. Innocent girls buried alive will be granted justice on the Day of Judgement.

  2. The records of each person’s deeds will be available on that Day.

  3. Each soul shall come to know of his/her good deeds, and its consequent outcome.

  4. The Prophet ﷺ was far from mad, contrary to what the Makkans claimed.

  5. The Prophet ﷺ saw Jibrīl in his original form.

  6. The Prophet ﷺ wasn’t miserly in conveying the message of Allāh. Rather, he conveyed all that he had to.

  7. The Qur’ān is a reminder to the worlds.

  8. Our wishes cannot become realities unless Allāh wishes.

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