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Lessons from Sūrah 80 – Sūrat ‘Abasa

  1. Never side-line someone based on his/her inferior standing in society.

  2. Give priority in benefit and advice to those who are more likely to take benefit from it.

  3. Had the Prophet ﷺ been anything but a true Prophet of Allāh he would not have conveyed this sūrah to the Ummah, because it is he who has been sternly reprimanded by Allāh in it.

  4. Despite Allāh showering man with innumerable favours, he is still ungrateful.

  5. Allāh is the one who facilitated an easy entrance for us into this world.

  6. The food we see on our dining mats has been facilitated from scratch by Allāh, right from rainfall and splitting the earth for the shoot to emerge, to ripened fruits, trees and gardens.

  7. On the Day of Judgement, a person will run from his/her sibling; parents; spouses and children, fearing only for him/herself.

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