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Lessons from Sūrah 79 – Sūrat An-Nāzi‘āt

  1. We humans were not as difficult for Allāh to create as the rest of the creation was, not that any of it was difficult for Him.

  2. On the Day of Judgement, each person will remember his/her efforts in goodness and evil.

  3. Whoever rebelled against the Commands of Allāh and gave preference to the worldly life, his/her abode shall be Jahannam.

  4. Whoever feared the standing before Allāh and suppressed his/her unlawful desires, their abode shall be Jannah.

  5. No one knows when Qiyāmah will occur other than Allāh.

  6. When the people will witness the Day of Judgement, they will think they only spent a morning or an evening in this world in comparison.

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