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Lessons from Sūrah 76 – Sūrat Al-Insān/Ad-Dahr

  1. There was a time when man was something not worth mentioning. We should realise our roots.

  2. Allāh has shown us the way to either be grateful, or be ungrateful. We need to choose wisely.

  3. Feed the poor, orphans, captives and hungry despite your own love for food. Feed them sincerely hoping only for reward from Allāh, not reimbursement from the people.

  4. Whoever fears the Last Day and works accordingly, Allāh shall protect him/her from its horrors and grant them happiness and bliss in return.

  5. Allāh definitely appreciates and acknowledges the efforts of His servants.

  6. Remember Allāh in the morning and evening.

  7. The Qur’ān is a reminder; whoever wishes should take it as a means of acquiring proximity to his Rabb.

  8. It is only Allāh who guides whomsoever He wishes.

  9. Allāh envelops into His Mercy whomsoever He wishes. We should try our best in attracting that Mercy, which is not difficult considering how vast it is.

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