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Lessons from Sūrah 75 – Sūrat Al-Qiyāmah

  1. Do people think Allāh cannot reconstruct their skeletons once they have decomposed after death? Rather, Allāh is capable of reconstructing even their fingertips.

  2. The Day of Judgement will be so horrific, people will be asking for a path to flee from it all.

  3. Each person will be informed on that day of what he/she did, or didn’t do.

  4. Each person will be a witness against him/herself on that day, even though outwardly they may present excuses.

  5. The Prophet ﷺ would frequently repeat the āyāt when Jibrīl would come with revelation, out of fear he may forget them. He was consequently instructed to not do that, as Allāh had taken responsibility of making him remember them.

  6. Allāh had also taken up responsibility of explaining the revelation through his Messenger ﷺ.

  7. Many faces on the Day of Judgement will be glowing, looking towards their Rabb in eagerness.

  8. Other faces on that Day will be gloomy, realising that a great calamity is about to befall them.

  9. Do we think Allāh will leave us unaccountable for our actions?

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