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Lessons from Sūrah 74 – Sūrat Al-Mud-dath-thir

  1. Keep yourself and your clothes clean.

  2. No one knows the magnitude and diversity of Allāh’s armies except He Himself.

  3. The people of Jannah will ask the people of Jahannam, ‘What led you to be thrown into the Fire?” they shall reply, “We did not perform ṣalāh nor feed the poor, and we indulged in wrong with others who did the same, until death came upon us.”

  4. No intercession will benefit those who disbelieved in this world, in the Hereafter.

  5. The idolaters of Makkah would flee from the advice in the Qur’ān like donkeys run from a lion. Yet each one of them desired to be given divine scriptures

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