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Lessons from Sūrah 72 – Sūrat Al-Jinn

  1. The Jinn were also amazed after listening to the Qur’ān, and consequently accepted Islām.

  2. The Jinn would make a trail up to the heavens, and eavesdrop on the conversations between the angels. They would then relay this information to their soothsaying friends on earth. When the Qur’ān was to be revealed, the pathways the Jinn would use were strongly guarded, and whoever tried to eavesdrop would be punished. This was Allāh protecting the revelation from being infiltrated.

  3. Talking about Allāh requires extreme respect and caution.

  4. If the people were to remain steadfast upon the right path, Allāh would grant them blessing in this worldly life.

  5. Whoever turns away from the remembrance of Allāh shall be severely tormented by Allāh.

  6. The Masājid are for Allāh alone, no one should be worshipped in the Masjid besides Him.

  7. Even the Prophet ﷺ had no power to bring anyone harm, nor give them guidance, except through the Will of Allāh.

  8. Whoever disobeys Allāh and His Messenger ﷺ is doomed for the Fire of Jahannam, where he/she will remain forever.

  9. Allāh is the all-Knower of the unseen; He doesn’t make anyone privy of His Knowledge except whoever He wishes from among the Messengers, whilst guarding the revelation from being tampered with.

  10. Allāh has comprehensive knowledge of everything, down to the exact numbers.

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