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Lessons from Sūrah 71 – Sūrat Nūḥ

  1. When the time of Allāh comes, it does not delay in the slightest.

  2. Nūḥ عليه السلام complained to Allāh after 950 years of preaching, ‘My Rabb! I have called my people towards You night and day. Each time I preached to them, they would put their fingers in their ears, cover their heads with their clothes, show stubbornness and extreme arrogance. I preached to them openly and in secret; but my preaching only increased them in distancing themselves from You.’

  3. Istighfār (Seeking forgiveness from Allāh) has many benefits apart from the main one, which is forgiveness.

  4. From the benefits: safety from drought, increase in wealth, offspring, and blessings in agriculture/food.

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