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Lessons from Sūrah 70 – Sūrat Al-Ma‘ārij

  1. The people think of the Day of Qiyāmah to be far, whereas Allāh says it’s close.

  2. On the Day of Qiyāmah, one close friend will not ask about the other. He/She will only be concerned about him/herself.

  3. On that day, the wrongdoer will want to give not only his family, but also everyone else in ransom for safety from the punishment. Obviously, something that shall never happen.

  4. Man is naturally weak in courage: when afflicted by evil, he is upset, and when granted good fortune, he is miserly. The exceptions are those who believe and do good deeds.

  5. When giving in charity, we should not only give to those who ask, rather, we should seek out those who don’t ask but are worthy.

  6. Allāh is all-capable of creating people better than those who disbelieve, but doesn’t do so as a test for all.

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