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Lessons from Sūrah 62 - Sūrat Al-Jumu‘ah

  1. Those people who were given knowledge of the scriptures but did not take it on board, are like the donkey that carries a load that it cannot benefit from.

  2. Those who claim to be the only Friends of Allāh are challenged to desire death if they are truthful. A true measure of one’s proximity to Allāh!

  3. Those who know they have done good have no qualms about death.

  4. The death we try to run from will eventually catch up with us; so let’s rectify and better our actions.

  5. It is sinful to engage in worldly activities whilst unprepared for Jumu‘ah, once the adhān of Jumu‘ah is called.

  6. The worship and obedience of Allāh is better than futility and business, though the latter has to be done when necessary.

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