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Lessons from Sūrah 57 - Sūrat Al-Ḥadīd

  1. Allāh is aware of all that enters the Earth, all that emerges from it; all that descends from the heavens and all that ascends towards it.

  2. Those Ṣaḥābah who accepted Islām before the liberation of Makkah enjoy a greater virtue over those who accepted Islām afterwards.

  3. Spending in the way of Allāh is worthy of great reward.

  4. Not paying heed to Allāh’s words causes the heart to harden over time

  1. Allāh tests us through the world differently at different stages in life.

  2. Allāh knows every calamity that befalls us.

  3. Allāh created iron for the benefit of man.

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