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Lessons from Sūrah 56 – Sūrat Al-Wāqi‘ah

  1. The Day of Qiyāmah is a certain reality.

  2. The people will be divided into 3 categories:

  • The People of the Right

  • The People of the Left

  • The Foremost

  1. The People of the Right and the Foremost ones will be rewarded with Jannah, with the Foremost ones better off than the People of the Right.

  2. The People of the Left will be doomed to Jahannam.

  3. Who creates our offspring? Allāh alone does.

  4. Who causes our crops to grow once we have sowed the seeds? Allāh alone does. If He wishes, He could cause it to grow in a manner useless to us, and we would remain helpless.

  5. Who is it that causes the water we drink to come down from the clouds? It is Allāh alone. If He so wishes, He could turn it bitter, and so we should be grateful.

  6. Our helplessness in the decree of Allāh is such that we are unable to return the soul of a person dying in front of us. We should therefore recognise and subjugate to the Power of Allāh.

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