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Lessons from Sūrah 42 – Sūrat Ash-Shūrā

  1. There is nothing like Allāh.

  2. Allāh is kind to His servants; He gives provision to whomsoever He wills.

  3. Whoever wants the fruits of the Hereafter Allāh increases them for him, and whoever strives for the fruits of the world only, he is granted a little thereof, and no share from that of the Hereafter.

  4. Allāh is the only One who accepts repentance from His servants and forgives their sins.

  5. If Allāh was to make provisions plentiful and easily accessible to all His servants, they would rebel on earth.

  6. Whatever calamity befalls you, it is a consequence of your own doing; and Allāh forgives the majority anyway.

  7. To take counsel and consult others is commendable.

  8. The punishment for an act of oppression is revenge of the same, however, the one who overlooks and reconciles will be rewarded handsomely by Allāh.

  9. The one who retaliates after being oppressed is not to blame. The only blameworthy people are those who wrongfully oppress and rebel on earth. A painful punishment awaits them.

  10. Those who bear patience and forgive are the ones truly commendable and full of resolve.

  11. Allāh grants children to whomsoever He wills. To some He grants only daughters, to some only sons, to some both, and to some nothing.

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