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Lessons from Sūrah 41 – Sūrat Fuṣṣilat/ḤāMīm As-Sajdah

  1. The people of ‘Ād were destroyed by a severe wind that blew for days. They thought there was no one stronger than them.

  2. The people of Thamūd were destroyed by a scream.

  3. The ears, eyes and skin of the people of Jahannam will testify against them on the Day of Judgement. They will ask, ‘Why did you testify against us?!’They will reply, ‘The being who has the power to make things speak, made us speak. [We had no choice].’

  4. The disbelievers would say to each other, ‘Do not listen to this Qur’ān. Rather, create distractions when it’s being recited so that you may overpower its effect.’

  5. Those who believe and thereafter stay steadfast, will be comforted by angels at the time of death and the Hereafter.

  6. Always show good character in dealings. If you do, even the staunchest enemy shall be won over.

  7. If you feel Shayṭān is trying his work on you, seek refuge in Allāh.

  8. Allāh is not in need of anyone worshipping Him. Despite that, there is no shortage of any of His creation worshipping Him.

  9. Whoever does good will benefit himself, and whoever does evil, will harm himself.

  10. Man never tires from asking for good, but when he is afflicted with something he becomes despondent.

  11. When a man is blessed with goodness after hardship by Allāh, he thinks of it to be his right, and turns to the disobedience of Allāh.

  12. When Allāh blesses man, he turns away from Allāh, yet when he is afflicted with troubles, he turns to Allāh in lengthy prayers.

  13. Allāh will continue to show the people signs from within and from afar, until the truth becomes clear to them.

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