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Lessons from Sūrah 38 – Sūrah Ṣād

  1. Many partners in business do injustice to each other; except those who truly believe and do good.

  2. Allāh tested His Prophets عليهم السلام, tests that they passed. We should also be ever ready to be tested by Allāh.

  3. The sustenance of Jannah will never become exhausted.

  4. The people of Jahannam will turn on one another, blaming each other for their doom.

  5. They will also look around to see where the people they assumed to be ‘evil’ were in Jahannam, whereas those were the very people who were on the truth, and they would have been given entry into Jannah.

  6. Never think you’re superior to anyone else.

  7. Allāh is never overcome with emotions such as anger etc. Therefore, never think Allāh is angry with you so He will not accept your du‘ā.

  8. Shayṭān promised that he shall try to lead each and every human astray.

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