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Lessons from Sūrah 31 – Sūrat Luqmān

  1. Those who try to divert the attention of people from the Book of Allāh shall receive a painful punishment.

  2. Ponder over the favours of Allāh and show gratitude.

  3. Whoever is grateful to Allāh only benefits him/herself, whilst whoever is ungrateful, Allāh is independent of his gratitude.

  4. Shirk is the greatest oppression.

  5. Do good to your parents who went through great difficulties in bringing you up.

  6. Even if they tell you to commit shirk, don’t obey them, but still be courteous to them.

  7. Nothing escapes the knowledge of Allāh.

  8. Be patient upon afflictions.

  9. Don’t walk arrogantly.

  10. Don’t raise your voice unnecessarily.

  11. Only Allāh has knowledge of 5 things:

  12. The time of the Hour

  13. Of rainfall

  14. Of what in in the wombs

  15. What will happen tomorrow

  16. Where people will die.

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