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Lessons from Sūrah 6 - Sūrat Al-An‘ām

  1. Allāh sent many nations before us but when they disbelieved, He removed them and sent others.

  2. Those that mock the punishments of Allāh will be faced with the same punishments they would mock at when warned of.

  3. All things disputed in this world will become clear on the Day of Judgement.

  4. Everyone believes in Allāh when faced with difficulties, but when that difficulty is lifted, becomes neglectful of Him.

  5. If you try following the opinion of the majority of people on earth, you’ll stray from the right path.

  6. Leave all types of sin.

  7. Allāh is best aware of whom to bestow with prophethood.

  8. Don’t kill your offspring in fear of poverty; Allāh alone is the Sustainer. He sustains you and them.

  9. When measuring and weighing, do not deceive people.

  10. The Qur’ān is blessed, and practicing upon it attracts the Mercy of Allāh.

  11. Whoever performs a single good deed, will be rewarded ten-fold, while a sin will only be recompensed for its like.

  12. Allāh gave some of us a lower rank than others so that He may test us with what He gave us.

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