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Ibn Taymiyyah's Addiction to 'Ilm

Ibn Taymiyah رحمه الله narrates: I was once afflicted with an illness, upon which the doctor said to me, “Your studying and indulgence in ‘ilm further aggravates the illness.”

So I said to him, “I cannot bear that, and I will appeal to you using your own knowledge. Does not a person’s condition strengthen somewhat when he/she is happy and relaxed; and consequently speed up the healing process?”

He replied, “Of course.”

I said, “I become happy engrossed in knowledge, and my condition strengthens with it, so I find contentment through it.”

He remarked, “This is beyond our treatment procedures!”[1]

[1] Rawḍah-Al-Muḥtājīn wa Nuzhah-Al-Mushtāqīn (Ibn Al-Qayyim)

وحدثني شيخنا قال ابتدأني مرض فقال لي الطبيب إن مطالعتك وكلامك في العلم يزيد المرض فقلت له لا أصبر على ذلك وأنا أحاكمك إلى علمك أليست النفس إذا فرحت وسرت قويت الطبيعة فدفعت المرض فقال بلى فقلت له فإن نفسي تسر بالعلم فتقوى به الطبيعة فأجد راحة فقال هذا خارج عن علاجنا أو كما

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