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Mocking Others

‘Amr ibn Shuraḥbīl رحمه الله said:

“If I was to see anyone feeding from the udders of a goat and I laughed at him, I fear that I would end up doing the same as I saw him doing.”[1]

Such was the fear of our pious predecessors when it came to dealing and judging the Creation of Allāh, and in it is a lesson for us not to laugh at or think lowly of anyone, lest Allāh also make us do the same thing in the future, causing people to laugh and mock at us. May Allāh protect us all.

[1] قال عمرو بن شرحبيل رحمه الله: "لو رأيتُ رجلاً يرضع عنَزاً

فضحكتُ منه، لخشيتُ أن أصنعَ مثل الذي صنع." ذكره القرطبي رحمه الله في تفسيره تحت قوله تعالى: لا يسخر قوماً من قوم عسى ان يكونوا خيرا منهم (الحجرات)

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