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Inconvenience in the Name of Hospitality

The great scholar, Shaykh Ashraf ‘Alī At-Thānwī رحمه الله said:

‘Do not cause the guest inconvenience in the name of reverence and honour.’

Verily, honouring and showing the guest hospitality is an integral part of belief in Allāh. There are numerous aḥādīth pointing towards this. However, many people fail to understand the true concept behind being hospitable to guests, and in trying to do so cause much inconvenience towards them. Forcing them to eat or to stay for longer are just some of the many examples. The main principle to bear in mind is that true hospitality lies in giving the guest comfort and peace of mind; whether or not that amounts to giving him/her something.

May Allāh grant us all the true understanding of the beautiful teachings of our Dīn. Āmīn

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